Introducing Engage-to-Earn: A Guide to Earning More $KLUB Tokens

One of the most exciting aspects of KlubCoin is its potential to connect people who love electronic music all over the world through its community-oriented features. KlubCoin is a cryptocurrency specifically designed for the electronic music industry, enabling clubs, festivals, artists and DJs to reward their fans with cashback and token ownership.

KlubCoin bridges the gap between party-goers, music producers, DJs, event organizers, clubs, festivals and promoters in order to create an interactive and engaging experience. KlubCoin has recently created a new community engagement model called “engage-to-earn” that allows users to interact with each other and earn rewards through various activities. This blog post aims to explain how this new engagement model works and the benefits it offers for all parties involved.

How to earn $KLUB:

Are you looking for ways to increase your KlubCoin rewards? Well, look no further because KlubCoin, in collaboration with Klublist, has just launched its new engage-to-earn model. This program is designed to reward active members of the KlubCoin and KlubList community by offering them a variety of activities that make them earn up to 5000 $KLUB tokens monthly. We want our users to enjoy the many benefits that come with growing and strengthening our community!

Picture 1. Earn $KLUB while doing fun activities

Through this initiative, users have the potential to earn more $KLUB tokens through various events, content creation, social media engagement, referrals, completing quests and more. It’s a great way to get involved in our community, earn and have fun while doing it!

In this blog post, we will be discussing the different features of the engage-to-earn model, as well as how you can maximize your rewards with this new program. So let’s dive right in!

The “engage-to-earn” model is a unique concept that seeks to reward users for their participation and engagement with the community. In order to do this, KlubCoin has created an online platform within its Discord server where users can compete in various competitions, participate in discussions, complete quests and even play mini-games for rewards.

First off, let’s talk about KlubList and KlubCoin tweets. Users may earn KlubCoins by participating in Raid-To-Earn activities. This involves liking, retweeting, and commenting on all KlubList Twitter postsin order to earn rewards. Each tweet can grant up to 30 KlubCoins per post. At least once every day on Twitter, KlubCoin and KlubList accounts will post tweets regarding the Klubcoin app and services. If you retweet these messages with the hashtag “Klubcoin” or comment on them with something relevant to the topic being discussed, then you can earn $KLUB tokens for taking part in the conversation. This is a great way to get involved with our community and even earn up to 5000 $KLUB tokens monthly!

The second way that users may earn KlubCoins is by completing quests. At the moment there are thirteen fun quests which you can do in your spare time and earn a decent amount of Klubcoins. Every week, new quests will be added to the Discord server so keep an eye out on the quest announcement channel!

Picture 2. Chat with community members to get your $KLUB

Next, let’s look at chatting in the General Chat channel. Here you can join fellow Klubbers in discussing various topics related to NFTs, tokens, music, or anything else related to our app. If you make meaningful contributions to the discussion, then you will be rewarded with up to 1 $KLUB token per message. In addition, users also have the chance to gain more rewards by reacting to our Announcement channel. Here we post important updates about our app and services and users can react with their opinion on each update. Up to 3 $KLUB tokens are rewarded to those who react on our announcements channel each month.

Lastly, users may also take part in mini-games such as blackjack and dice for even more rewards. For example, you can flip a coin yourself or challenge others for 30 KlubCoins or guess the number with hints for 90 KlubCoins and lose 30 KlubCoins if you get it wrong.

Picture 3. If Blackjack is your thing, you can earn $KLUB while playing it The Klub Discord

Finally, we would like to mention one last thing. In order to receive the real $KLUB tokens, users will need to open up a ticket and provide their KlubCoin app wallet address. Payouts are capped at 5 000 $KLUB per person each month. There is a caveat to the payout. If you earned more than 500 $KLUB, these tokens are going to stay with you, but if you want to cash all of them out, you would need to mint KlubList NFT.

Outside of the “engage-to-earn” model, users may also earn KlubCoins through participating in various competitions previously such as remixes, art contests, photo challenges and so on. These competitions come with varying rewards depending on how well they perform but are always worth entering!

So there you have it! That’s how you can earn more with the KlubCoin Engage-to-Earn program. We encourage all of our members to join in on the fun and reap the rewards of being part of this awesome community! We hope our new Engage-to-Earn program helps to increase your rewards and helps you stay engaged with our community. We look forward to seeing more of you joining in on the fun activities available!


KlubCoin’s “engage-to-earn” model provides a great opportunity for users to not only interact with the community but also earn rewards while doing so. Whether it is through participating in competitions, completing quests or playing mini-games, everyone can benefit from this unique engagement model. With more activities and rewards being added every week, make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to become part of KlubCoin’s engaging community!

Happy Earning and thanks again for becoming part of the KlubCoin family! 🤩😃✨❤️🚀🌎

About KlubCoin:

KlubCoin is a Web3 music platform where users can own, trade, earn, stake and spend $KLUB. It is the first utility token specifically designed for the electronic music industry, enabling clubs, festivals, artists and DJs to reward their fans with cashback and token ownership. KlubCoin bridges the gap between party-goers, music producers, DJs, event organizers, clubs, festivals and promoters, allowing for a more interactive and engaging experience.

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