Let the party begin; feat. KlubCoin

5 min readJul 28, 2023

One of the most exciting aspects of KlubCoin is its potential to connect people who love electronic music all over the world through its community-oriented features. KlubCoin is a cryptocurrency specifically designed for the electronic music industry, enabling clubs, festivals, artists and DJs to reward their fans with cashback and token ownership.

We aim to bridge the gap between party-goers, music producers, DJs, event organizers, clubs, festivals and promoters in order to create an interactive and engaging experience.

Introducing the party-and-earn model

The model of operation is called “party-to-earn,” and has been positioned as a means of decentralizing the music and festival scene. We want to give clubbers and festival goers the ability to earn rewards and gain access to exclusive events by doing what they love. Now, fans will not only be able to get into sold-out events for reasonable prices, once there, they will also be eligible for discounts on food and drinks, get cashback on all their purchases from our partners and have access to parties and meetups exclusive to the KlubCoin community.

“The more you party, the more you earn. It’s a virtuous circle for electronic music lovers, explained KlubCoin co-founder and CEO, Stéphane Schweitzer.

We also have a partnership with Lunu.io, that will enables real-life payments with KLUB tokens in physical venues, integrating its payment widgets with popular e-commerce platforms. This extends its usability within traditional online shopping environments. Additionally, through our dedicated app, we want to simplifies Web3 adoption across the electronic music industry, making it accessible to non-tech-savvy users.

Ecosystem Partners of KlubCoin

The KlubCoin ecosystem consist of some of the world’s most recognizable brands in the electronic music industry, including Amnesia Ibiza, Bootshaus, Caprices Festival, Clubbing TV, DJ Mag, Dolby, Eden Ibiza and 1001 Tracklists, and Web3 partners such as Dolby.io, Ledger, Atlanticus Music and DJenerates.

Ecosystem Partners of KlubCoin

By buying products from our partners means that you can collect and earn tokens, which you can then spend on other products and services in the KlubCoin ecosystem or convert them back into euros or United States dollars — all within a safe environment. Alternatively, by holding KlubCoins in a wallet, tokenholders will get access to exclusive parties, sold-out events, NFT rewards, meet-and-greets with international DJs and money-can’t-buy experiences curated especially for the KlubCoin family.

Party and Earn Model

Earn more with KlubCoin Engage-to-Earn program

We’ve recently created a new community engagement model called “engage-to-earn” that allows users to interact with each other and earn rewards through various activities. The “engage-to-earn” model is a unique concept that seeks to reward users for their participation and engagement with the community. In order to do this, KlubCoin has created an online platform within its Discord server where users can compete in various competitions, participate in discussions, complete quests and even play mini-games for rewards.

One way that users may earn KlubCoins is by completing quests. At the moment there are thirteen fun quests which you can do in your spare time and earn a decent amount of KlubCoin tokens. Every week, new quests will be added to the Discord server so keep an eye out on the quest announcement channel.

Next, let’s look at chatting in the General Chat channel. Here you can join fellow Klubbers in discussing various topics related to NFTs, tokens, music, or anything else related to our app. If you make meaningful contributions to the discussion, then you will be rewarded with up to 1 KLUB token per message. In addition, users also have the chance to gain more rewards by reacting to our Announcement channel. Here we post important updates about our app and services and users can react with their opinion on each update. Up to 3 $KLUB tokens are rewarded to those who react on our announcements channel each month.

Lastly, users may also take part in mini-games such as blackjack and dice for even more rewards. For example, you can flip a coin yourself or challenge others for 30 KlubCoins or guess the number with hints for 90 KlubCoins and lose 30 KlubCoins if you get it wrong.

Finally, we would like to mention one last thing. In order to receive the real KLUB tokens, users will need to open up a ticket and provide their KlubCoin app wallet address. Payouts are capped at 5 000 KLUB per person each month. There is a caveat to the payout. If you earned more than 500 KLUB, these tokens are going to stay with you, but if you want to cash all of them out, you would need to mint KlubList NFT.

Outside of the “engage-to-earn” model, users may also earn KlubCoins through participating in various competitions previously such as remixes, art contests, photo challenges and so on. These competitions come with varying rewards depending on how well they perform but are always worth entering!

So there you have it! That’s how you can earn more with the KlubCoin engage-to-earn program. We encourage all of our members to join in on the fun and reap the rewards of being part of this awesome community. We hope our new Engage-to-Earn program helps to increase your rewards and helps you stay engaged with our community. We look forward to seeing more of you joining in on the fun activities available!

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KlubCoin isn’t just about the digital world — it’s all about real-life perks for the community. From rewarding your involvement and attendance to granting exclusive access and unforgettable experiences, KlubCoin strengthens the bond between artists, clubs, festivals, and fans. Be sure to keep up to date with our latest news so that you don’t miss out!

About KlubCoin

KlubCoin is a Web3 music platform where users can own, trade, earn, stake and spend $KLUB. It is the first utility token specifically designed for the electronic music industry, enabling clubs, festivals, artists and DJs to reward their fans with cashback and token ownership. KlubCoin bridges the gap between party-goers, music producers, DJs, event organizers, clubs, festivals and promoters, allowing for a more interactive and engaging experience.

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